Friday, March 20, 2015

Content Contents!

Chapter One: Basic Basics!
-How to play
-Aspects of a Character

Chapter Two: Character Creation!
-Detailed rules on how to be someone else

Chapter Three: Awesome Advancement!
-How to earn and spend Experience Points to improve and upgrade your character

Chapter Four: Dang Details!
-Skills in detail
-Boons in detail
-Failings in detail

Chapter Five: Crushing Combat!
-The Combat Turn
-Full and Half Actions
-Weapon Damage & Armor
-Weapon & Armor Qualities

Chapter Six: Potent Powers!
-Details on Strangecrafts for those with the Mysterious Blood Boon
-Seven sample Strangecrafts with 10 Sample Secrets each

Chapter Seven: Exciting Extras!
-Special rules on Contamination (Radiation and Zombie Fever)
-Rules for Trinkets with a list of 20 sample Trinkets
-Rules for Heirlooms with a list of 20 sample Heirloom Upgrades

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