Saturday, March 21, 2015

Introductory Introduction!

Hello! Welcome to DAVE RULES. This handy dandy tabletop role playing game system will allow you to create characters for all sorts of games and settings with minimal hassle and bookkeeping! The goal here is to have an in-depth and fun system that doesn’t bog you down with unnecessary rules and numbers.

This system comprises what I feel are the best aspects of numerous rules systems that I have played over my time ruining my life with these games. I kind of mashed the stuff I liked together, tossed out what I thought was silly or cumbersome or not needed, and added in some new ideas all my own, cobbling together the system that you are reading right now.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Content Contents!

Chapter One: Basic Basics!
-How to play
-Aspects of a Character

Chapter Two: Character Creation!
-Detailed rules on how to be someone else

Chapter Three: Awesome Advancement!
-How to earn and spend Experience Points to improve and upgrade your character

Chapter Four: Dang Details!
-Skills in detail
-Boons in detail
-Failings in detail

Chapter Five: Crushing Combat!
-The Combat Turn
-Full and Half Actions
-Weapon Damage & Armor
-Weapon & Armor Qualities

Chapter Six: Potent Powers!
-Details on Strangecrafts for those with the Mysterious Blood Boon
-Seven sample Strangecrafts with 10 Sample Secrets each

Chapter Seven: Exciting Extras!
-Special rules on Contamination (Radiation and Zombie Fever)
-Rules for Trinkets with a list of 20 sample Trinkets
-Rules for Heirlooms with a list of 20 sample Heirloom Upgrades