IV: Dang Details!

Wanna know more about Skills? Then you came to the right place, buddy!

For those of you who prefer to snipe your foes from range, the Aim skill is a great investment! Just like Scrap, your level in the Aim skill determines what ranged weapons you are Proficient in the use in. Aim covers all manner of ranged attacks, from thrown projectiles to bows, and even firearms.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this skill makes you proficient with all d4 or d6 damage ranged weapons.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill makes you proficient with all d8, d10 and d12 damage ranged weapons.

Someone who invests in the athletics skill leads an active life and is no stranger to physical activity. This skill covers all sorts of adventurous activity like running, jumping, swimming, climbing, and even physical activities like sports or skateboarding. Athletics can also be used to ride common beasts like horses (or whatever constitutes a common riding beast in your setting).

Athletics is mostly linked with either Strength or Agility, depending on what you are trying to do. Someone who is attempting to leap a grand chasm would certainly use Strength as their base Stat, but someone trying to carefully walk across a thin balance beam would use Agility. For athletic tests like marathon running, Endurance would be the linked Stat of choice. 

This is a catch-all skill that determines your level of book smarts and academic learning. Those with this skill are learned on a great many things, and are wellsprings of information.

For each level you have in the Bookworm skill, you may choose two Subjects in which you are versed. You may not use the Bookworm Skill in regards to a Subject in which you have not studied. Therefore, someone with the Bookworm Skill at level 3 can choose 6 Subjects that they are well versed in and can use their rating in the bookworm skill for. For example, if you had the Bookworm skill at 2 and had the Subjects of Science, Mathematics, Folklore and History, you wouldn’t be able to use your Bookworm skill on a roll about Occult, since it is out of your range of study.

Suitable subjects include History, Tactics, Occult, Arcana, Religion, Mathematics, Science, Botany, Biology, Astrology, etc. Note that this is just a sample list of Subjects, and you can feel free to work with your Game Master to make up your own if you have an idea for an area of scholarly learning not presented above.

Obviously, the Bookworm skill is almost always linked to Intellect. I mean, duh…

Investing in the Entertain Skill allows you to capture the attention and imagination of a crowd using your given medium of performance. For each level you possess in this skill, choose one medium of performance in which you are trained. You cannot use this skill outside of your trained mediums.

Example mediums include singing, dancing, acting, stand-up comedy, ventriloquism, guitar, drums, violin, or any other type of instrument or routine that can dazzle an audience.

Whether you are the wise Witch Doctor of your tribe or a high ranking hospital surgeon, the point is, you can put hurt people back together again once they get broke. Your level in the Heal Skill determines the severity of the wounds and physical trauma that you are skilled in treating.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this Skill allows you to treat common illness and injury. You can treat and diagnose common afflictions, but cannot perform surgeries or other complex procedures. Those under your care regain lost Energy, but will not heal from Wounds suffered.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill means that you are a dedicated and experienced healer. You are well versed in the diagnosis and treatment of most diseases native to your particular setting. You can perform surgeries and other complex medical procedures assuming you have the right equipment for the task. At this level of expertise, you can Heal a patient of Wounds they have suffered. Those under your care heal 1 Wound per 24 hours under your care.
·         Those under the care of someone with this Skill regain lost Energy at a rate of the caregiver’s rating in this Skill x 5 per hour. Therefore, someone with the Heal Skill at 2 can heal a patient for 10 Energy per hour. Someone with the Heal Skill at 3 can heal a patient for 15 Energy per hour, as well as 1 Wound every 24 Hours.
·         Someone with this Skill can look after a number of patients at the same time equal to their rating in the Heal Skill. 

Whenever you make use of a healing item on yourself or others, you may also add your level in the Heal Skill as a flat bonus to the healing granted. Therefore, if you drink a healing potion that normally heals 2d6 Energy and you have a rating of 3 in this Skill, you would heal 2d6+3 Energy when you drink the potion, or if you administer the potion to someone else.

The Stat used with the Heal skill depends on your particular method of practice. If you are a modern healer that uses technology and medical know-how to treat patients, link this skill with Intellect. If you use hearth wisdom, herbal remedies or other “Old World” methods of healing, then link this skill with your Presence.

This skill covers the use of any and all vehicles that you might stumble across during your game. Your level in this Skill determines the types of vehicles that you can confidently pilot. You don’t need to purchase this skill to know how to drive a wagon or a car, but if you intend on doing dangerous stunts and tricks with said vehicles, then it is worth investing a few points in this Skill.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this Skill allows you to pilot uncommon vehicles like humvees, big rigs, sailboats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, steam powered wagons or the like. At this level of skill, flying vehicles are a bit too advanced for you to safely pilot.
·         A rating of 3+ allows you to pilot even more complex vehicles such as oil tankers, helicopters, flying machines, battle tanks, space ships or whatever nutso vehicles are native to your setting.

This skill only has to do with mechanical vehicles. Riding a common mount like a tamed riding horse or the like is the purview of the Athletics skill, and riding an unusual bestial mount is the realm of the Primal skill. Navigation is solely concerned with piloting man-made methods of transportation.

Navigation is mostly paired with Agility, since hand-eye coordination and reflexes are of paramount importance when behind the controls of a vehicle. Sometimes, Intellect can be used as the paired Stat when you are setting a course in a boat or starship. Bon voyage!

The fine art of talking people into doing what you want is covered under the skill of Persuasion. With this skill, you can charm, intimidate or seduce your way out of situations with ease, which can be far more expedient (and far less messy) than resorting to violence.

Persuasion is linked to Presence when you want to get your way through sweet words, lies, or even when you are trying to haggle for a better price at a vendor. Link this skill with Strength when you want to throw your weight around and bully someone through sheer intimidation. Link this skill with Intellect when you want to appeal to someone through reason and logic rather than emotion.

The Primal skill deals exclusively with interacting with and understanding natural beasts and animals. This doesn’t do much good at all against unnatural beings like monsters or the Undead, however! Your rating in this Skill determines just how much you can tap into your bestial nature! The Primal Skill also allows you to ride uncommon bestial mounts of your setting (pretty much anything funkier than a normal horse).

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this skill allows you to determine the mood and general state of being of a natural animal. You can determine the general health of an animal and tend to its basic needs, but cannot perform long term care or treat advanced conditions or wounds. You can ride uncommon ground mounts at this level.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill allows you to use the Primal Skill to tend to a sick or injured animal in the same way that a master surgeon might. You may now ride uncommon air and sea mounts at this level of mastery.

If you’re training or interacting with a natural beast, use Presence as your Stat modifier. If you’re riding any kind of mount, Agility is your Stat. If you’re trying to heal or care for an injured beast, then use either your Intellect or Presence (Book learning or instinct, respectively) as the Stat of choice.

This is the fine art of beating people up with your bare hands or any and all close combat weapons. As an adventuring sort, every character should have at least a few levels in this Skill. Your rating in Scrap also determines what kinds of weapons you are proficient in the use of in combat.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this skill makes you proficient with all d4 or d6 damage melee weapons.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill makes you proficient with all d8, d10 and d12 damage melee weapons.

Attacks made with Melee weapons that deal d4 or d6 damage can be linked to Strength or Agility (whichever you prefer). Melee weapons that deal d8 damage or more are linked to your Strength.

Aim is almost always linked with the Agility skill, unless you are using a throwing weapon that is particularly hefty, like a throwing hammer or hurling a large rock as a weapon. In that case, use your Strength modifier instead of Agility.

This skill defines the sharpness of your five senses. Rolls involving this skill help describe the world around you. This skill has numerous uses, and is the skill rolled for all Initiative tests, as well as rolls made to see, hear, or investigate the world around you. This skill is a must have for your investigator types, and can also be used to tell if someone is lying to you via use of the Persuasion skill.

This skill is linked to the Intellect stat when it comes to seeing or hearing details or picking up clues. Use Presence when trying to decipher someone else’s motives or when your character might get a hunch or gut feeling about something. For Initiative rolls, link this skill with Agility.

For those of you who wish to evade notice by wildlife or the authorities, then Stealth is the Skill for you. Aptly suited for either outdoorsy types or sneaky ne’er-do-wells, this Skill is used to sneak about undetected or hide from sight. This skill can also be used to shadow someone, and follow them without their notice. 

Stealth is pretty much always linked to the Agility stat.

Those with the Survival skill are rugged and outdoorsy folk who can get by in less than hospitable climates in which others would surely perish. This skill allows you to live off the land, build shelter, find food and clean sources of water, as well as hunt game and possess knowledge about local dangers. The Survival skill also imparts knowledge of farming. This skill is vital to characters who wish to rough-it and be one with nature, or if you are playing in a post-apocalyptic (zombie or otherwise) setting where civilization ain’t so civilized anymore.

Once each day, someone with at least 1 level in this skill can spend d4 hours foraging for food and water. The difficulty of this roll depends on how harsh and barren the terrain around you is (15 for forests or jungles, 20 for swamps or mountains, and 25 for wastelands or deserts. Success grants you 1d4 Rations per level of this skill that you possess. Therefore, someone with 3 Survival who succeeds on a foraging roll collects 3d4 Rations. Triumphing on this roll grants a bounty of game and water, netting 20 whole rations! What, did you kill a whole herd of buffalo or something? Blundering a Survival roll means that you not only fail to collect any Rations, but the rations you currently have supplied are reduced by half (Darn raccoons!).

Rations: A normal living being requires 1 Ration (a Ration symbolizes both food and water) every 24 hours. A child or a pet animal requires .5 Rations every 24 hours, and someone with a Strength score of 8+ requires 1.5 Rations every 24 hours. Normally, you don’t need to worry about Rations if you are in a civilized area like a city or town. There, food and drink is plentiful enough. Rations only come into play when you are in an uncivilized area like the wilderness, far from any shops or taverns.

Malnourishment: If you are called upon to consume Rations and do not have the required amount, then you become malnourished. A Malnourished character cannot spend Luck points for any reason and has Disadvantage on all rolls until they can consume Rations equal to their Endurance stat rating and get a full 24 hours of bed rest. Someone who is Malnourished for a number of days in excess of their Endurance stat score expires. Therefore, someone with an Endurance score of 5 can be Malnourished for 5 days straight, but on the 6th day, they will perish.   

Survival is almost always linked to the Endurance skill, but can be linked to Intellect or Presence (instinct and gut-feeling) for nature lore or the like.  

If you intend on living an adventuring life that is a bit more…exciting than most, this skill might be for you. Your level in the Thievery skill determines just how many…questionable pastimes you consider yourself adept in, as detailed below.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this skill allows you to pick simple locks or pick someone’s pocket, as well as palm an unattended object or dazzle someone with some card tricks or sleight of hand.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill allows you to pick advanced locks, escape from bonds or shackles, forge signatures and documents, and disguise your appearance, voice and mannerisms to convincingly appear as someone else.

Thievery is commonly linked with the Agility stat for things like picking locks, picking pockets, escaping from shackles and forging signatures. For disguises, link this skill with Presence.  

Whether you are a simple handy man or high tech inventor, this skill has to do with all manner of technological and mechanical devices. Those with this skill are knowledgeable of the technological devices native to their setting, and can understand, repair and operate items that would normally confound others.

·         A rating of 1 or 2 in this skill allows you to repair and operate common technological and mechanical devices of your setting.
·         A rating of 3+ in this skill allows you to confidently use, repair and easily understand even the most complex of devices and gadgets. You can even write complex code and program technological devices as you wish at this level of mastery if your setting permits.

Note that this Skill can be used to repair vehicles, but the Navigation Skill is used in their piloting and use.

The Tinker skill is normally tied to Intellect when dealing with high tech gizmos or contraptions.

This skill depicts your characters ability to push through distraction, as well as pain, and remain focused on a task at hand.

This skill is linked with Intellect when you are trying to ignore mental distraction, or resist someone trying to read your thoughts or similarly bend your will through the use of the Persuasion skill. Link Willpower to Endurance when you are trying to resist physical pain or torture.

Wanna know more about Boons? Me too! Let’s read.

Taking this boon immediately increases your Energy Pool by a number equal to your Endurance Stat score. Therefore, if you have Endurance 5 when this is chosen, then you immediately increase your Energy Pool by 5. This Boon is the only Boon that can be purchased an unlimited amount of times, but remember that no character can have an Energy Pool higher than 200. This is the only Boon that you cannot choose at character creation.

Big Shot
Your name and face are known to those around you for some reason. When this Boon is chosen, you must determine the nature of your renown. Perhaps you are of noble birth, or have an infamous reputation, or are even a famous celebrity for some reason. The point is, people know who you are, and generally, you are treated better than most normal people.

Each type of renown carries an inherent drawback. If you are noble born, you enjoy the finer things in life and improved station, but also have responsibilities to your family, as well as the troubles and hassles of dealing with all the red tape involved in having such esteem. If you are a celebrity or entertainer, you have to deal with clingy groupies and perhaps even deranged stalkers!

Being a Big Shot means that you are easy to recognize, and you tend to draw attention to yourself wherever you go. Keep all this in mind before purchasing this Boon!

Charmed Life
You were born lucky, and increase your Luck score from 3 to 4. You may purchase this Boon twice to increase your Luck score from 4 to 5. No matter what, a character may not have a Luck score above 5.

Hot Stuff
You have an animal magnetism about you that makes admirers swoon! Taking this Boon makes your character particularly fetching to behold physically, and grants you Advantage to all applicable social rolls where your darn good looks would help you out.

Lucky Shot
Whenever you roll a Triumph on an attack roll, you deal an additional +d6 damage per point of Luck you currently possess. You may purchase this Boon twice to increase this damage to +d8 instead of +d6.

First Strike
You move like lightning in battle, and gain Advantage on all Initiative rolls. Furthermore, whenever you act first in combat, you gain Advantage to your first attack and damage roll (if your attack hits). (Requires Agility 6+ and Senses 2+)

Steady Aim
You no longer suffer Disadvantage when attacking someone with a ranged weapon in close combat. (Requires Agility 6+ and Aim 2+)

Beast Master
Your presence soothes all natural animals and beasts (not monsters or Undead). You gain Advantage on all Primal rolls, and no natural animal will attack you or those within 5 feet of you unless the beast is already enraged or you provoke the attack. (Requires Presence 6+ and Primal 2+)

Double Strike
As long as you are wielding a d4 or d6 damage weapon in each hand, you can take a Full Action to take two attacks on your turn. Your second attack gains Disadvantage. You may purchase this Boon twice to negate this penalty. (Requires Agility 6+ and Scrap 2+)

You can spend a point of Luck to issue a Challenge to any target who can hear your voice. A Challenged target gains Disadvantage on all attacks that are not made against you. A Challenge lasts for the remainder of battle, or until you spend another point of Luck to Challenge someone else. A Challenge automatically fails if the target cannot attack you in combat for some reason. You cannot Challenge someone more than once per battle. (Requires Presence 6+)

Thick Skinned
With skin as tough as yours, who needs armor? You gain +3 to your Defense. You may purchase this Boon twice to increase this bonus to +5. This Boon only functions if you do not wear any kind of armor. (Requires Endurance 6+)

Skill Prodigy
You are really, really good at something! Choose one Skill that you have. You consider all Blunders made with that Skill to be mere failures instead. (Requires chosen Skill at level 2+)

You are adept at fighting unarmed. Your unarmed attacks deal d4 + Strength or Agility modifier damage. You may purchase this Boon twice to increase your unarmed damage to d6 + Strength or Agility modifier damage. Lastly, whenever you use a Fist weapon, increase the damage by one die type. (Requires Strength or Agility 6+ and Scrap 2+)

Surprise Attack
Whenever you deal damage against someone that you have Advantage on, you deal an extra +d6 damage. You may purchase this Boon twice to increase this bonus to +d8. You may use this Boon with a ranged attack only if you are within 10 feet of your target. (Requires Agility 6+ and Scrap or Aim 2+)

You fly into a wild fury whenever you see the sight of your own blood! You gain advantage on all Strength and Close Combat attack rolls for as long as you are suffering from at least one Wound. You may purchase this Boon twice to also gain Advantage on all Close Combat damage rolls as well. (Requires Strength 6+ and Scrap 2+)

Your mind is a trap for details, and you remember anything you see or hear with crystal clarity. With but a moment of concentration, you can recall even the most miniscule detail regarding anything you have personally heard or seen. (Requires Intellect 6+ and Senses 2+)

Treasure Hunter
You feel a strange tingle at the end of your nose whenever treasure is nearby, acting as a sort of sonar for nearby hidden loot. You can also accurately appraise the worth of treasure or valuables by examining the bling close up for d6 minutes. This can also allow you to easily spot fake gems and forged works of art. (Requires Presence or Smarts Stat 6+ and Senses 2+)

You can sustain yourself on far less nourishment and rest than normal people. You consume .5 Rations per day instead of your normal number. Furthermore, you can function normally on 2 hours of sleep every day. (Requires Endurance 6+)

Poison Proof
Your system is resistant to all normal poisons, and you gain immunity to all natural poisons. You can get stung by scorpions and snakes all day without suffering from ill effects of their venom. Furthermore, due to your stern resolve, you can drink as much booze as you like without suffering any ill effects. You can be drunk as a skunk and still function normally. Note that this only protects you from normal, mundane sources of poison. Magical poisons can still affect you normally, but you do gain Advantage on all rolls made to resist them (if a roll is allowed at all). If a roll is not allowed to resist a poison, you get one roll to resist it anyway, without Advantage. (Requires Endurance 6+)

You have attracted the loyal service of a companion to aid you in your adventures. This companion’s origin can differ radically depending on your setting. It could be a loyal beast companion, a robot servant, loyal squire or whatever would make sense for your setting. Companions have one of three roles that are detailed below.

Companions are useful and can perform mundane tasks for you, but won’t throw their lives away for no reason or tolerate continued abuse. They also cannot be used as a second player character and be sent on errands that a true Hero really should be doing! You can’t send your Companion to go complete a quest for you to rescue a kidnapped Princess. That’s your job, silly!

You can purchase this Boon twice, but you cannot have more than one of the same Companion. For instance, purchasing this Boon twice can grant you a Guardian Companion and a Scout Companion, but not two Guardians. On occasion, your Companion will require your help (they do have their own lives as well), which can lead to a whole wellspring of adventures.

Guardian: If you want your Companion to fight for you, then make them a Guardian. Having a Guardian companion battling alongside you grants you a +1 bonus to all damage rolls you make to simulate the effects of you having a little bit of backup during the fight. When you are Knocked Out, it is assumed that your Companion is also taken out of the fight.

Scout: If you want your Companion to warn you against intruders, or investigate terrain ahead of you and report back any dangers, then make them a Scout. Scouts are normally smaller flying animals that are more intelligent than normal. They can understand complex instructions and can relay information to you upon their return. A Scout companion can also be an actual person who fulfills the same functions.

Support: If your Companion aids you in some other capacity, it is a support Companion. Support Companions can be called upon to grant you Advantage on any non-combat related roll once per day. They cheer you on and otherwise inspire or motivate you, or even physically help you with the task at hand because you’re so darn cool!

Improved Second Wind
Whenever you activate your second wind, you gain 5d6 Energy instead of 5d4. You may purchase this Boon twice to immediately gain 30 Energy whenever you use a Second Wind instead of rolling any dice.

Hard to Kill
It takes more than a few brutal stab wounds to put you down! You gain Advantage on all Endurance rolls made to resist taking Wounds. (Requires Endurance 6+)

Armor Training
Investing in this Boon allows you to benefit from wearing heavier and more protective types of armor. Purchasing this Boon once allows you to be able to use all Shields, as well as all Armor that grants up to a +5 Armor Bonus. Purchasing this Boon twice allows you to use any and all types of Armor. Anyone can use Armor that grants up to a +2 Armor Bonus without investing in this Boon.

Fast Learner
You catch on quick, kiddo! At the end of every adventure, roll an Intellect check at difficulty 15. Success indicates that you immediately net an extra point of Experience for that adventure. You may purchase this Boon twice to gain Advantage on this roll. (Requires Intellect 6+)

Mystical Blood
Choosing this Edge makes your character a practitioner of one of the available Strangecrafts available to your setting. Strangecrafts are rare, special arts, techniques, spells or abilities that are available in your game. Rules for Mystical Blood and available Strangecrafts are detailed elsewhere.

Choosing this Boon once grants you a Focus Pool of 5, but spares you from the Strangecraft Curse related to your particular Strangecraft. Choosing this Boon twice grants you a Focus pool of 10, but also means that you suffer from the Curse of your chosen Strangecraft. Choose 3 Secrets that you know those available to your Strangecraft. Don’t worry, this will all be explained later! (Requires Presence 6+)

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