III: Awesome Advancement!

At the end of every adventure, you gain a number of Experience Points that you can spend to improve your character in various ways.

How it’s earned…
-Showing up: You get 2 Experience Points just for attending and participating in the adventure.

-Success: Each adventure has a specific success goal, whether that be rescuing a kidnapped Princess, retrieving a stolen item, or defeating a certain bad guy. If you succeed at your adventure’s objective, you gain 3 Experience Points.

-Character Failing: Those who were particular adept at roleplaying their Character’s Failing earn 1 bonus Experience point at the end of every adventure. Someone who really went above and beyond when roleplaying their Failing at an appropriate time can even earn 2 Bonus Experience Points, but this should be rare.

-Other Bonuses: Your Dave Master may reward bonus Experience Points for good role playing, clever ideas, character art, a funny line spoken by your character in game, or any time that a reward is warranted when a player goes above and beyond what is expected of them to make the game or their character memorable.

How it’s spent…
-Stats: Raising a Stat to its next level costs 3 Experience Points multiplied by your current rating in that Stat. Therefore, someone with Intellect 6 who wishes to raise it to 7 must spend 18 Experience Points to do so.

-Skills: Purchasing a new Skill at level 1 costs 3 Experience Points. Raising a Skill to its next level costs 2 Experience Points multiplied by your current rating in that Skill. Therefore, someone wanting to raise the Bookworm skill from 3 to 4 would spend 6 Experience Points.

-Boons: Purchasing a new Boon costs you 7 Experience Points.

-Energy: You may increase your Energy pool by 5 by spending 10 Experience Points. Note that a Player Character has a maximum Energy Pool of 150.

-Secrets: If you have the Mysterious Blood Boon, you can use Experience Points to purchase new Secrets. Learning a new Secret costs you 12 Experience Points if you have purchased the Mysterious Blood Edge once, or 10 Experience if you purchased it twice.

-Languages: You can learn how to read, write and speak another language by spending 1 Experience Point.

The Limits of Progress
Keep in mind that there is only so much you can improve upon between adventures. You can only improve in any one category one time between adventures, regardless of how much stockpiled Experience Points you have tucked away. For example, you could raise a Skill by one and pick up a new Boon between Adventures if you could afford it, but you couldn’t raise two Skills by one or the same Skill by two, or buy two Edges between a single adventure.

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