VII: Exciting Extras!

This Chapter is a mash up of various rules systems and information that you might come across in settings that you adventure in.

These rules are for games set in Zombie or Nuclear Apocalypse type settings where the threat of contamination is a very real thing. Luckily, the rules for both are pretty much the same, with various flavor differences.

-If you have spent more than your Endurance Stat score in hours in a 24 hour period outside of a Safe Zone (A habitat and exposed to elements that could contaminate you with Radiation Sickness or Zombie Plague), roll a Contamination Endurance Check at a difficulty equal to the severity of the source (Difficulty 15 for average toxicity, 20 for strong toxicity, or 25 for severe). If you fail this check, you immediately gain 1 Contamination Point.

Example: Due to his horrible eating habits and general laziness, Dave has an Endurance score of 3. Dave lives in a toxic waste dump (naturally). In the morning, Dave leaves his comfy bomb shelter to scavenge for juicy grubs and newts to eat for breakfast, which takes 2 hours. He then returns to his bomb shelter, which is considered a Safe Zone, where he naps for a few hours. Later that evening, he goes out to try and lure unsuspecting ladies into his bomb shelter for some “quiet time”. This also takes 2 hours. At the end of the day, Dave has to roll a Contamination check, because he spent a total of more than his Endurance score (3) in hours roaming around a toxic area.

-You can purchase a Gas Mask for 250 Units of Wealth that grants you Advantage on all Contamination checks.

-Blundering a Contamination Check gets you 2 Contamination Points instead of 1. Yipes!

-You can Endure 5 Contamination points. Gaining a 6th Contamination Point will immediately turn you into a mindless Zombie or Mutant, immediately turning your character into an NPC Monster that will attack the closest living being to it.

-Purchasing a Contaminant Remedy (This will be called something else in your game) costs 100 Units of Wealth for your setting at character creation (Though in game, this price could easily skyrocket…). Imbibing this remedy will immediately remove d3 (Half of a d6 result) Contamination Points.

-If a Zombie or Radiated creature scores a Triumph on an attack roll against you, you immediately gain 1 Contamination Point in addition to taking damage. Some of these creatures even have special attacks that also grant Contamination Points to victims.

The Stages of Contamination
0 Points: Clear. This nigh-mythical state doesn’t last long. Someone with 0 Contamination Points appears as healthy as one might be allowed to be given the horrid circumstances of life in a setting like this!

1 to 2 Points: Normal. Most people in your setting walk around at this level of Contamination. They might have black circles under their eyes and generally look haggard, but they won’t be exploding into freakish monsters anytime soon…hopefully.

3-4 Points: Crispy (for Radiation)/At Risk (for Zombie Fever). You cough up all manner of interesting things regularly at this phase, and your skin might start itching something fierce. Radiated folks find their eyes glowing an eerie radioactive neon green, and Zombie Fever victims have their joints lock up and stiffen, as well as having their eyes start glowing red. Zombie Fever victims also start craving their meat a little bit pink on the inside at this point…

5 Points: Extra Crispy (for Radiation)/Critical (For Zombie Fever). This is where things start going bad…Your hair begins to fall out in clumps, and your skin begins to bubble up or rot off in large, blotchy patches all over what was once your body. At this point, you may very well become mistaken for a Zombie or Mutant by those at a distance, and you may be attacked on sight. Your mind is still your own (for now), but your memories begin to grow a bit hazy and you have difficulty speaking. Radiated folks find that their skin starts taking on a strong neon green glow at this point.
6+ Points: Nuked (for Radiation)/Infected (for Zombie Fever). Once you attain more than 5 Contamination points, your body explodes in a gory, gruesome mess, as if a Mutant or Zombie had grown rapidly inside you and burst through the outer shell that was your old body. You hand your character sheet to the Game Master at this point, as you’ve completely lost any semblance of sense or morality, and have become a mindless killing machine. My condolences.

Strange items with fantastic powers infused in them are a cornerstone of many Role Playing games. Presented below is a list of some possibly rewards that you can shower your Adventurers with in addition to standard monetary rewards. Trinkets come in two grades: Common and Rare. Common Trinkets are far more populous and more frequently encountered than Rare Trinkets, as you might expect.

The following list is a mere sample of ideas for Trinkets of all kinds, and is far from an exhaustive list. Since every setting is different, the Trinkets listed below can be easily adapted to fit the flavor of whatever game you are playing, simply using the power of the Trinket and changing the name and appearance.

Trinkets are never weapons or armor! Special weapons and armor have their own rules, silly!

Dave’s Book O’ Monsters (Common)
This massive tome includes information on mostly every type of Monster that you’re likely to come across in your adventures, including information on the Monster’s habits, strengths and weaknesses. While this useful tome is filled to the brim with information, there are still some species of Monster that are yet to be identified within its ancient pages. Whenever you consult the book, roll a d6. On any result other than 1, the book provides insight into the creature you are facing.

Endless Lunchbox (Common)
This horrifically designed neon green lunchbox never runs out of bland, tasteless middle school cafeteria food, and can sustain the owner (only) indefinitely, supplementing the need to consume rations.

The Baseball Cap of Truth (Common)
This bright red baseball cap turns charred black whenever the wearer speaks a mistruth, making it the ultimate lie detector (and fashion accessory!).

Chatty Gargoyle (Common)
This small horned Gargoyle statue is quite perceptive, and can guard an area in a 100 foot radius around its location. Any threats that enter this protected radius immediately cause the chatty Gargoyle to begin loudly (and poorly) singing show tunes. This Heirloom makes an ideal camp alarm.

Rabbit’s Foot (Common)
This incredibly lucky charm is fuzzy! Whenever the owner of this Trinket spends a point of Luck to re-roll a roll, that roll gains a +2 bonus or a -2 penalty (owner’s choice).

Enchanted Wallet (Common)
This handy device keeps a constant stream of revenue coming your way! Once per day you can dip into your magical wad of cash and pull out d4 x 25 Units of Wealth for your setting.

Cat Charm (Common)
Whoever wears this pretty kitty charm can fall up to 25 feet once per day and land gingerly on their feet, completely unharmed.

Coded Quill (Common)
This handy feather quill can be used to write in a cryptic language that only the writer and its specific addressee can read. Anyone else who tries to read the letter only sees a mess of squiggles and nonsensical patterns.

Girl Scout Compass (Common)
Once per day, the owner of this shiny compass can name a destination. The compass then mystically points towards that direction. This Trinket cannot help locate people, however, only locations that you know the name of.

Adventurer’s Suitcase (Common)
This handy item appears to be a standard suitcase, but can hold up to 500 pounds worth of junk. Even when loaded to the max with gunk, the Suitcase weighs exactly 5 pounds.

Magic Zippo (Common)
This groovy lighter never runs out of fuel and the flame doesn’t even produce heat! This makes a rather splendid light source, don’t you think?

Skeleton Key (Common)
This rickety old key can open any common quality lock. Once used, the key crumples to useless dust. This Trinket cannot open masterwork or magical locks, however.

Feather Duster of Power (Common)
This lovely device can be used to dust up even the grossest of messes! You could wade through a murk-filled sewer and soak your clothes in filth, but with one quick flick of this Trinket, you look clean as a whistle and smell fresh as a daisy! This can be used on either people or objects, giving them a perfect and immediate cleaning.

Trenchcoat of Anonymity (Common)
This simple brown coat makes the wearer blend in with the crowd. People remember interacting with the wearer, but can’t seem to recall anything that stands out about them. This makes describing the wearer to authorities very challenging!

Luck Dispenser (Common)
Once per day, this kooky hand held contraption can be activated to churn out d3 points of Luck that can be distributed by the owner amongst their pals. Remember that you cannot have more Luck points than your maximum Luck pool.

Champion’s Crown (Rare)
The wearer of this shiny crown immediately gains a point of Experience when they roll a Triumph on any attack roll. This effect can only happen once per adventure.

Stalker Slippers (Rare)
These creepy shoes grant the user Advantage on all Stealth rolls made to move silently. These magical shoes don’t leave footprints, either, granting anyone who wishes to track the wearer Disadvantage.

Crib Cube (Rare)
This small cube fits in the palm of your hand and once per day can be expanded into a large, secure shelter that acts as an insulated Safe House. The shelter comes stocked with enough food and water for 5 people, and is very sturdily locked, requiring a difficulty 20 Thievery roll to break into. The shelter lasts 5 hours.

Masquerade Mask (Rare)
This elaborate mask can grant you an elaborate disguise once per day, allowing you to exactly copy the look, clothes and voice of anyone you’ve physically met. This disguise lasts for up to one hour.
Book of Strangeness (Rare)
This rare tome is filled with all sorts of naughty, forbidden lore! This Trinket is only of use to those with the Mysterious Blood Boon, and halves the time it takes to regain spent Focus from 1 hour per Focus to 30 minutes.

Trinkets are small magic items that help give Adventurers a little boost to their heroic antics. Heirlooms, however, are personal, legendary items that larger than life heroes and dastardly villains wield in battle. As an Adventurer gains renown and their legends grow, the very weapons, armor and shields that they use are infused with mystical power.

As a rule, whenever your character earns a certain amount of experience, you get to automatically upgrade one Weapon, Armor or Shield your character uses, making it more powerful. Make sure you keep track of how many Experience points that your character has earned!

·         Upgrading Heirlooms doesn’t cost you any Experience. You just have to amass a certain amount of Experience and your gear automatically upgrades as your legend grows!
·         ALL Heirlooms must be named. These are not normal weapons and armor, and should be given special, awesome names!

How it works…
Every 10 earned Experience that your character collects allows you to upgrade a piece of equipment that your character uses, allowing you to choose an Heirloom upgrade to enhance its performance. A list of Heirloom upgrades is listed below. Note that some upgrades can only apply to certain types of equipment. Keep in mind that the list below are merely examples. Feel free to get together with your GM and come up with Heirloom Upgrades that fit your particular character’s style and campaign setting.

Very important: An Heirloom can only hold so much awesomeness, and a single item can only hold a total number of Heirloom Upgrades equal to half the user’s Presence score (rounded down). Legendary weapons are most often wielded by those with legendary charisma! Therefore, someone with a Presence score of 5 has a limit of 2 Heirloom upgrades on a single piece of gear. There is no limit to the amount of Heirlooms you can have, however, only a limit of how many upgrades a single piece of gear could have.

Heirloom limits: Even the most famous legends don’t have endless arsenals of Heirlooms, silly! At any one time, you can only have up to 3 Heirlooms.

Exclusivity: The bonuses and Upgrades Heirlooms possess only function when wielded by the owner of the weapon.

Keep in mind: While Heirlooms are used in all settings, some upgrades listed below simply don’t make sense for some settings. More gritty or realistic settings wouldn’t really be appropriate to have Sentient, talking shotguns that drain the life force from your enemies in them or the like, and the Dave Master has final say on which upgrades make sense for your particular setting.

Each time this Upgrade is chosen for a weapon, add a +1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls made with said weapon. Each time this Upgrade is chosen for a shield or armor, add +1 to the Defense bonus of that item. You can purchase this Upgrade up to three times total for all your equipment.

This Upgrade can only be applied to a ranged weapon. This weapon never needs to be reloaded, and somehow, some way supplies an endless stream of ammunition.

Bane/Double Bane
This Upgrade can only be applied to weapons. Choose a particular type of enemy (Undead, Beasts, Demons, Robots, etc). This weapon gains Advantage on all attack rolls made against enemies of that type. You can purchase this Upgrade twice for the same weapon to gain Advantage to all attack and damage rolls.

Serpent’s Touch
This Upgrade can only be applied to daggers. Damage caused by this weapon cannot be healed by any means for 24 hours. Healing items or other methods of healing simply have no effect on a Poisoned target. A Triumph with this weapon causes the target to spend their next action getting violently ill, wretching and barfing all over the place. Freaking GROSS.

Vampire’s Touch
This upgrade can only be applied to weapons. Whenever this weapon dispatches a foe, you regain d4 Energy.

Ghost’s Touch
This Upgrade can only be applied to weapons. This weapon can strike incorporeal creatures like ghosts and spirits, who normally effortlessly pass through such things. The wielder of this weapon also gains the ability to see such beings, even if they are normally invisible.

Hitman’s Touch
This Upgrade only applies to weapons. Whenever you dispatch an enemy with this weapon, you gain 1 unit of wealth per point of Energy in the victim’s maximum Energy pool. For instance, if you down a foe that had 100 Energy, you immediately gain 100 units of wealth.

Power Wave
This Upgrade only applies to weapons. When this weapon scores a Triumph on an attack, it emits a massive wave of power that slams into all enemies (allies are not affected) around the point of impact, dealing the damage of the attack to all enemies within a 25 foot radius.

This Upgrade only applies to shields. Once per day, you can choose to deflect all damage done to you from one attack back at the attacker. You may choose this after damage is rolled.

This Upgrade only applies to weapons that can be thrown, or shields. This weapon magically returns to your hand every time it is thrown. Furthermore, no one but you can lift this weapon, no matter how strong they are!

This Upgrade only applies to weapons. This weapon’s attack rolls are considered Triumphs on a natural 19 or 20.

This Upgrade only applies to armor. You gain immunity to Triumph attacks. Consider all Triumph attacks made against you when wearing this armor to deal normal damage, and you are not knocked prone. You ignore all other effects that are triggered when you are the victim of a Triumph attack.

This Upgrade only applies to armor. Reduce all damage you take from all sources by 1. This can reduce the damage of an attack to 0.

This Upgrade can only be applied to armor. Your armor is practically invisible (Those who concentrate on you see only a blurry transparent outline of your armor) and has no weight to it. This armor doesn’t restrict movement and doesn’t grant Disadvantage on stealth checks.

This Upgrade can only be applied to shields. While wielding this shield, you cannot be moved against your will as long are you are standing on two feet and are immune to being knocked prone.

This Upgrade can only be applied to weapons. Whenever this weapon deals damage to an Undead or Demonic enemy with a maximum Energy pool of 10 or less, it immediately destroys them in a radiant explosion of light. When this weapon Triumphs on an Undead or Demonic enemy with more than 10 Energy, the target must immediately make an Endurance test at Difficult 15 with Disadvantage. If this roll fails, they are destroyed no matter how much Energy they have.

This Upgrade can only be applied to weapons. You can spend a point of luck to Summon your weapon to your hand as long as it is within a 25 mile radius from you.

This Upgrade can only be applied to Armor. Whenever you are reduced to less than 20 points of Energy, you immediately gain 5d6 Energy. After this ability is activated, it cannot trigger again for 24 hours.

This Upgrade can only be applied to blunt weapons like maces or hammers. You can spend a point of luck to shatter a non-magical inanimate object with a thunderous blow. This weapon can batter down sturdy castle gates and be used to otherwise cause hideous property damage!

This Upgrade can only be applied to a weapons, granting said weapon sentience and the ability to speak and think. Sentient weapons have their own personalities and become NPC’s in their own right. Sentient weapons can communicate with anyone, but normally keep quiet when you’re not around.

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